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I hold a Masters degree in Public Art, a qualification that´s equipped me with a whole bag of random problem-solving, creative strategising and production skills. 


I work with government and non-government organisations internationally to conceptualise, fabricate and document public art projects for diverse communities.

I began my public art career with the concrete poem IMAG_NE in 2008, when it debuted as part of Sculpture by the Sea in Bondi. Versions of this work have since gone on to tour Australia, New Zealand and the US, popping up at locations such as the inaugural Sculpture by the Sea Arhus (Denmark, 2009) and the National Library of Australia (2013). Permanent commissions of this work have been realised for the City of Santa Clarita (California) and the City of Port St Lucie (Florida). 

IMAG_NE forms the cornerstone of the series WORDPLAY, a collection of word works and concrete poems that seek to celebrate language, the power of the human imagination, and the holy grail of the Scrabble 7-letter word. 


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