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Emma Anna is an Australian-born artist, writer and creative producer based between the East Coast of Australia and the Colombian Caribbean port city of Barranquilla. Emma has exhibited widely over the past two decades and is most well-known for her concrete poem and public artwork, IMAG_NE.

Emma is the founder and creative director of Cut X Paste / @cut_x_paste, through which she organises a program of in-person and online collage workshops, distributes a range of collage-related merchandise, and produces the international collage exhibition,Todo Loco. She is also the co-founder and co-director of La Casa Verde ('The Green House') an independent art space located in Barranquilla's historic El Prado district.

Emma’s work often combines collage and humour, magic and memoir. She has been published in Split Lip Magazine, Waxing + Waning, Kolaj and Uppercase Magazine, among others. She is currently working on a book that documents her fictional utopia, The New Old World (aka The NOW). More of Emma's work can be found online at Instagram @emma_anna_chatter


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