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Born in the Land of Oz, my head is full of tales from The New Old World (aka The N.O.W), my fictional utopia and favourite destination to play and unwind.

I spend my days creating concrete poetry, patterns, textiles, sculptures, doodles, fantastical architecture, mess, magical lands and other spectacular.

I use computers, psychoanalysis, imagination, Facebook, paper shuffling and my left-side dog tooth to explore ideas surrounding black holes, parrots, calypso, international trade and finance, optical illusions, freedom and daily life in tropical hotspots.


I have shown work in public and private spaces, libraries, street footpaths and Chinese restaurants.


I believe in the power of dreams, collage, bicarbonate of soda, the creative process, orange flake-form shellac and a pair of really good scissors.


I fill suitcases with empty paint tubes, embroidery thread, piece-less puzzles and antique doorhandles.


I give guided tours to places that don't yet exist.

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