Collage Magic cutout sheet.jpg



In support of my recently published collage compendium Collage Magic, I'm inviting artists from all over the globe to create new collages from some of the elements that can be found within its pages.


Conjure a collage using at least two elements from the Collage Magic cut out sheet (shown above, and the high-res print quality cutout sheet can be downloaded here. There's also a .psd file here). Combine these ingredients with your own imagery, or use all of these bits to make a new image/s or narrative with the theme of ´magic´.


This competition is open to analog or digital submissions, animations or any other expanded interpretation of ´collage´.

Post the results on Instagram with the hashtag #collagemagichappens or tag me in on your post. 

I´ll repost a bunch via my Instagram account @e_m_m_a_a_n_n_a throughout June 2020.

And there are prizes!

At the end of June I´ll  select four winners based on their creative reuse and interpretation of the competition theme. Each will receive a signed, original paper collage from my 2020 series Magic Carpets and a selection of small digital prints from The Tarot of the Golden Scissors, along with a special hard-to-describe-but-definitely-worthwhile personalised and handwritten reading.